Are you tired of getting injured and taking time off?

Learn a step by step approach to build more hip mobility, strength, and control.



My name is Eugene, and you may know me from my youtube channel "The Jiu-Jitsu Therapist"

I am a jiu-jitsu brown belt and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

I started BJJ out of a curiosity for the sport and coming from a team sport background, I was starting a journey that was extremely different than anything I had done before.

With no wrestling background or grappling experience, I realized that having a solid guard game was extremely important!

And I realized that the hips were the link to have a difficult guard to pass, a solid way to hit submissions, and also to keep my low back and hips safe from injury.

Thats when I realized the importance of the hips in BJJ and I took a deep dive into the hips!

I did my own research, tested the techniques that I learned in the gym, and through trial and error and over 10 years of experience in BJJ and Physical Therapy, I developed this course!

And for the first time ever, I'm sharing my techniques with you in this course!

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The hips are the link between the low back and the knees. More hip mobility will equal less risk of injury in these areas.

More strength leads to better hip function and more time on the mats.

Learn to control your hips in new ranges of motion to improve performance on the mats and with everyday activities.

How will you optimize your hips?

✅Create increased hip range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness through stretching and joint circles (Controlled Articular Rotations), and muscle activation techniques.

✅Stabilize, build control, and ultimately reinforce the hips in these new ranges through a variety of isometric (Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading) exercises, leg lifts, resisted exercises, and dynamic hovers/lifts.

✅ Use the improved hip mobility and strength and incorporate it into new depths for strength training and BJJ-specific drills with the goal of transitioning these newly acquired attributes into better performance on the mats and fewer injuries.


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  • All 6 lessons
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  • Mobility exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • E-Book of all exercises
  • Step By Step Approach
  • Free bonus solo drills
  • Free updates and techniques

If You Are Still Trying To Decide...

  • This course was built on a systematic approach to improve hip mobility, hip strength, and build hip control to increase function and ultimately prevent injury while improving performance.

My goal as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner is to use my knowledge and expertise to educate and provide the best content and information possible to help you achieve your goals and continue to train and remain active at your highest level possible for as long as possible.

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